Monday, July 18, 2011


I don't want to jinx myself but I think Little Man is feeling better. He seemed pretty chipper this afternoon after awakening from his over 3 hour nap. He obviously needed the sleep since he hasn't slept well in days...

I made a really yummy dinner for Meatless Monday; tofu "crab" cakes, FTW. I made a similar dinner around this time last year using one of Tal Ronen's recipes. This time I just used Paula Deen's crab cake recipe and substituted tofu and crumbled nori for the crab and a piece of gluten free bread for the crackers. It was very flavorful with a soft but toothsome texture inside and a nice crunch on the outside. The recipe calls for a ton of mayo and oil and I used a vegan mayo and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

(not the prettiest pic)

I served them atop a simple salad of baby greens, corn, carrots and green beans. I dressed it with Trader Joe's Greek Feta dressing that is super thick so I diluted it with some coconut milk. Surprisingly good.

Music man had also been talking about craving biscuits so I used Bob's Red Mill Baking Mix. It satisfied Music Man's craving but I thought it was a bit bitter and a little salty. They look a little like hockey pucks too. BUT, with a little butter and honey, totally tasted like a treat. By the way, I've used the baking mix for pancakes before and they were delish.

I'll sign off with a pic of Music Man giving Little Man some pointers.

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