Friday, September 30, 2011

Mother of the Year?

Exercise: 40 mins elliptical and 15 mins strength

It was a perfect day and so far a perfect evening. Little Man and I did some finger painting, made a hand print sculpture and then took a bike ride to the park. Pretty awesome. Then...Little Man put himself to bed. He was cranky during dinner, I couldn't even get him to eat an oven fry, which is his favorite. As soon as he got down from the high chair he ran to his bed and tried to climb in. So we just put him to bed, dirty clothes and all. No bath. And he's been sleeping ever since. Mother of the year? It was pretty amazing though ;)

Artistic genius!!!! ;)

Today's pic: Music man was a bit worried about my pregnancy mold in the upper right corner because it just looks like boobs. So FYI, it's not just a sculpture of boobs. 

Short and sweet for tonight because tomorrow is our last day together before Music Man leaves for New York. Thinking about a longish run tomorrow but haven't quite decided. We'll see. But now we are relaxing with a bottle of awesome cabernet and waiting for some pb brownies to finish baking. Have a fabulous weekend. I know I will ;)

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