Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Exercise: 6 mile run 53:42, 8:57 pace, 4 mile bike ride, 15 minutes glute and core work

Ahhhh... Running outside makes me so so very happy. Little Man and I got out for a morning run around the lake today. He enjoyed seeing the families of ducks and coots and I just enjoyed being outside. I had planned to do our normal 4 mile route but it was cool and overcast again and Little Man was content with his milk and toast so around the lake we went, which extended our run 2 miles. It was perfect.

When we got home Music Man was awake and he was having a hard time deciding whether to exercise or hang with Little Man so a family bike ride was the perfect solution. I was pretty beat and I know I slowed him down but Little Man always gets such a kick out of us riding together.

Today already feels better than yesterday

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