Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Exercise: Sat: 8 mile run/ 9:33 avg pace
               Sun: 6 mile run/ 9:55 avg pace
               Mon: Rest
               Tues: 4 mile tempo run/ 8:45 avg pace

Oh man, it's been sooooooooooo hot! As I started writing this Saturday it was already 103 degrees at noon. But no complaining here because my family on the east coast were evacuated because of hurricane Irene. All is well now.

Saturday was my first long run day in a little while. I didn't know how I would feel with the heat and the baby jogger (or how Little Man would hold up on a long run) so I chose to do an 8 miler. It was a hot run, definitely more uncomfortable than I'm used to since it was 80 degrees when I started. It went pretty great though. Little Man loved it and shouted "Hi" and "Bye" to everyone we passed. Team In Training does their long runs on Saturday in the park near my house so there were tons of people for Little Man to greet. I tried to get him to say "Go team!" but he's not quite there yet.

Even with the heat I still felt great afterward, like I could have run another 10 miles so I decided to make my Sunday recovery run a bit longer. I did 6 miles and it was another great, hot, run. Slow and comfortable and lovely. But after 2 days and 14 miles Monday was a well deserved rest day. And not just because of the run either... Sunday was a bit of a fiasco.

After Music Man and I finished our workouts Sunday we decided to take a quick trip to Laguna to visit my parents for the night. We got everything packed and left right before Little Man's nap so he could sleep on the trip. We had a great lunch with some friends of my parents that have a 20 month old and a 3 year old and they all played together fabulously. Then my mother and I took Little Man to the Festival of the Arts  and he "oohed" and "ahhed" at all the art. It was so fun, he pointed at things and said "cool." My mother pointed out that he clearly knows what he likes. He loves sculpture!

We had some dinner as a family and then Music Man got a call from one of our neighbors. Our sprinklers were broken and had been going off for 8 hours. the neighbor tried to fix them, even tried to turn off the water to our house. No dice. So, once again, we left our relatives way too early to return home.

Poor Music Man worked tirelessly for over an hour til close to midnight before he got the sprinklers taken care of. He was absolutely drenched but he fixed them and now all is well.

Tomorrow is a cross training day but I'm afraid I'll have to push the workout to evening because we have just so much going on. We'll see how it all goes.

I have some pics to post but my laptop is dead and I'm using Music Man's so I'll post them tomorrow.

I hope you're having a great week!

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