Monday, August 8, 2011

A$$ Kicker

Exercise: Today 60 mins elliptical and 12 mins strength and core. 4 mile run Saturday. 45 min elliptical, strength and 2 mile walk on Sunday.

It took about 10 minutes to realize a paleo style diet would definitely not work for me. Paleo diets are great because of the focus on whole foods and raw eating but it's also very meat centric. That is the part I have an issue with. I am not a vegetarian but my diet is 90% plant based. I'm really only eating meat once a week and the rest of the days I focus on soy, legumes and high protein grains for my protein source. Soooo I think instead of paleo 90% of the time I'll try to eat more whole foods and my main goal will be reducing processed foods. So pasta and bread a no, quinoa and amaranth a yes. But I'm still leaving myself an out so I can have pizza or something once a week.

And I've done well so far. According to the scale I've had a .8 weight loss since Saturday. I'll take it! The core and ab focused workout has been very successful. I feel like I already feel a difference in my jeans, but who knows, I could be crazy.

On Sunday Music Man happened to be home while I was working out. He rarely sees me workout because he's either at work or exercising himself or I cut out my weight routine and just do cardio. I did my 45 minutes of cardio but wanted to get in my weights so he watched my whole 25 minute routine. By the end he just kinda stared at me and said "So you can totally kick my ass now." Ha! I'm an ass kicker.

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