Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hill Repeats

Exercise: Hill Repeats... with the jogging stroller

Today was a killer. Hill repeats are hard enough without having the extra resistance of a jogging stroller and 30 pound kid. I also started too late, around 9am, and the sun was beating down getting ready to heat up the day to 100+ degrees. I also did something I've never done before in the nearly 16 months I've been using the jogging stroller. I got my finger caught in the jogger while opening it. Holy crap, it hurt. It made me catch my breath and see stars. But the pain subsided super quick.

I feel like I totally held my own coming out with a 9:55 average pace. I started with a 1 mile warm up, then did five .2 mile repeats and finished with a 1 mile cool down and 1/2 mile walk. I had to do that walk too, my legs got really tight. Unfortunately Little Man was not happy towards the end, but who could blame him after traveling up and down the same hill 5 times, so I cut the walk a little short.

Next Tuesday I'm going to test the jogger on some fire roads to see if it's not to bumpy for Little Man. If it is we'll just run on some rolling neighborhood hills. This is more for Little Man than me, I don't want to bore the poor kid by running up and down the same hill all the time. I do need to get those hills into my training.

The Bulldog is next weekend and it makes me sad because I'd love to do it but I just don't feel comfortable trying to complete a 25k trail run with no real training, much less a 50k. So I've started researching my race schedule for the rest of this year and 2012 to get me prepared for the Bulldog next year.

Also, I've had major baby brain lately, well, babies on the brain. Little Man is getting close to 16 months so expanding the fam is a pretty natural thought. I really want to do this ultra before I have another child; while I feel good about my body and the shape I'm in. Which is good because Music Man is ambivalent about expanding the family too soon and when I suggested reassessing the situation in another year he actually agreed. Awesome.

So here is the schedule I've been thinking about completing to get me ready for the Bulldog. I have a few 5k's, a 10k, 2 trail runs, a 1/2 marathon and a marathon and then 3 race free months to train prior to the ultra. It looks like a lot, but there's a lot of space between the longer races and even the longer races I'm using as training races. Well, that's the plan anyways.

9.25-Assyrian Run for Peace 5k
11.13- Calabasas Classic 10k
12.4- Quench the fire 5k- I think this is the same course I ran this weekend, PR?
12.11- 17k Crystal Cove Trail Run- This is 2.5 miles from my parents in Laguna Beach, which would be awesome
2.19- Bandit Trail Run 30k
3.24- Great Race 1/2 Marathon
5.20- Pasadena Marathon
8.25- Bulldog 50k

Some tasty eats the past few days

ww toast w/ pb and nanas

Ballast Point pale ale and home made spinach mushroom pesto pizza w/ homemade ww crust
Great beer!

uncooked tempeh bacon (for blt's and I'm going to season some with mediterranean spices for gyros tomorrow)

 pot of lentils with shredded broccoli, carrots and chunks of sweet potato (for salads and maybe some tacos)
another pizza, same crust but with goat cheese, yummers!

Have a good rest of your evening

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  1. All that food looks yummy! Great job running hills with the jogging stroller and 30 lb weight :) I went out walking today at 9:30 and it was HOT! Sorry about the cut, ouch! Good seeing you last night too!


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