Friday, August 19, 2011

Five For Friday

Exercise: 4 miles easy run avg pace-9:57, 1 mile walk, moving crap

1. New baby in the blogosphere, Happy Birthday Baby Leo !!!!

2. Music Man moved his studio back home which means tons of moving again. I had just started planning what to do with the extra room; home office, guest room, craft room...nursery? ;) But we really fixed up the studio and it's starting to come together.

3. Music Man and I are starting to plan a little party for renewing our vows on our fifth anniversary, which is about 10 months away. Crazy! I always wanted to get married at my parents house, but unfortunately they were going through a huge remodel (it took 4 years) at the time so Music Man and I decided to just get married in Las Vegas. It was an easy decision because his parents live there. And it was a totally fun wedding. But my parents remodel is finished and they have a beautifully landscaped yard so it seems like a perfect time to do it. There are also some vanity issues at play. Both Music Man and I have lost a ton of weight since our wedding and I'd like to show us off.

4. Before...


5. And because I can't talk about my wedding without talking about our creepy Elvis. I'm pretty sure he was on crack and he was wearing way too much make up, especially for the 110 degree heat. By mid ceremony he started sweating profusely and the makeup started dripping onto his gold jacket. The top of his face was tan and the rest was milky white. SO CREEPY! He sang a song for us after we were married and the only one we could come up with was 'Suspicious Minds'.  Quite the wedding ;)

Total Creeper

Have a great weekend!


  1. That Elvis does look creepy! That would be very exciting to renew your vows! You both look amazing and so different from your wedding picture!

  2. Thanks, Lauren, for Leo's birthday wish!!!

    By the way, you both look awesome!


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