Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hitch in Your Giddy-up

Exercise: 4 mile run with intervals, 3 mile walk

My last few workouts have been absolute killers. The hill repeats on Tuesday were definitely tough. Then yesterday I got to work out on the elliptical because it is FINALLY repaired and I haven't done that work out for a few weeks so I was surprisingly sore this morning. I also did a good strength session yesterday and that was the first time in a week and my butt definitely felt those squats and lunges. Ouch with a capital O.

This morning I did some sprint intervals. I did a 1/2 mile warm up run and then 3 miles of intervals that included 30 second sprints and a 2 minute jog/run. And then finished with a half mile cool down. My overall pace ended up being slower than I had anticipated at around 9:30 as opposed to 9:00 but I felt really great about my sprints and it was a crazy, sweaty workout. I am definitely looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. I think we might do a family walk or bike ride and I'll probably do a little yoga. But no strenuous workout or strength training.

Now that I have my race schedule  mapped out I need to figure out exactly how to train for all my races. I'm thinking of running 4 days, xtraining and strength 2 days and 1 rest day that may include walking or yoga. Just your basic training schedule. So here's the breakdown:

M: Elliptical/Strength
T: Hills
W: Elliptical/Strength
Th: Speed
F: Rest
Sat: Long
Sun: Easy

I'm going to alternate weeks so one week I will do hill repeats and the next week I will just do a hilly run or one week I will do speed intervals and the next week I will do a tempo run. It ends up working out to a week of time motivated workouts and a week of pace motivated workouts. Hopefully that will keep it interesting and keep me out of a training rut while still getting some good training in. I'm also hoping to alternate long runs between flats, hills and trails because I really get bummed out doing the same flat loop  all the time.

I really hope I can stick with this schedule or at least some semblance of it. I always try to make plans but having a toddler can really put a "hitch in your giddy-up." When it comes to running plans, of course.

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