Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yesterday Catch Up

Exercise: 4 mile run, about 38 mins (prob w/ tracking program) 9:30 pace. 30 mins yoga

Man, I am so behind, please forgive me. Yesterday was supposed to be a cross training day, especially important because of my 5k on Sunday. But, alas, my elliptical machine remains totally broken, so running it was. I ran a nice comfortable pace and didn't push too hard.

Let's touch on that "comfortable pace" quote. For me, running is never easy. I keep thinking the longer I run the easier it will get but it's always a workout. I am starting to get more comfortable running at a faster pace but I still have to work hard even at a slower pace. Running is hard.

I also popped in a yoga dvd that was ridiculous and hysterical and surprisingly good. 'Fat Free Yoga' was the name of the dvd and its low impact power yoga. There ate a lot of great strength and core positions. The funny part is the dude that does the voice over talks all calm and yoga like, but then has these dry, comic interjections. I don't highly recommend it, but it definitely isn't terrible.

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