Friday, August 12, 2011

Five for Friday

Exercise: Ran 4 miles today 34:55-avg pace= 8:44 and an 8 mile bike ride. I also ran Thursday and Tuesday with some added weight sessions and Wednesday was a much needed rest day.

1.This week has been jam packed with all kinds of events; almost daily play dates, beach days, My Gym and all the other events that go along with having a toddler. Then add in my elliptical getting serviced, waiting for UPS to get Music Man's new bike and 3 days of RUNNING! And that's a pretty full week around here. It totally doesn't sound full but each thing presented some sort of small challenge so the week felt totally busy.

2.Running 3 days this week has felt amazing. Even though the reason I'm able to run is because Little Man is waking up WAY earlier than normal and I'm exhausted, it's been great. The weather is amazing. Highs of 80!!! In August!!! In the Valley!!! We have been waking up to cool, overcast mornings. When we leave to run the temp is 59. I have to bundle Little Man in long sleeves and a blanket. The temp certainly helps with my pace though, I think today is the fastest I've run with the baby jogger.

3.I have eaten crap this week. The worst crap too. French fries, mac and cheese. If it's deep fried or creamy, it's been in my face. I'm chalking it up to the fact that it's that time of the month where all a lady wants is salt and sweets. And I've certainly indulged. I was wondering why I felt so lazy and unmotivated late last week, now I know. I realized I need to keep better track of these things so I downloaded an app ;)

4.Mi madre is coming to stay tomorrow and Sunday and I'm so looking forward to the company while Music Man is working. And it's totally selfish but I know Little Man will be doted on by grandma which means mommy gets a little break. Sweet. But I also look forward to shopping with her and just doing mother-daughter stuff. She's cool, for a mom ;)

5.There's other fun news. Music man is moving studios at the end of next week. And the new studio ends up being less than 2 miles away as opposed to 20 miles away. The distance is walkable. It also means Music man can leave 5 minutes before work instead of half an hour. So rad. And, he happens to be working with one of my favorite musicians, who I am dying to meet, and now that they are so close it will be much easier for me to drop in and hang out.

I've not been doing much cooking this week and probably won't get to much this weekend but I think I will make this pie. And if you know what's good for you, you should too!


  1. I just discovered your blog (and your story) and I love it! What an inspiring woman you are!

  2. That is so cool that Music Man is only going to be 2 miles away!!! Is this the Regina Spektor gig? I can imagine her stuff is going to be much easier on the ears :) That would be pretty cool if you got to meet her! I read that story about Mikey when you posted it on FB and it was soooo sad :( I'm just too beat to make anything these days!


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