Friday, August 5, 2011

Five for Friday

Exercise: 60 mins elliptical 25 mins strength. I used a few exercises from The FitnessistaCarrots N' Cake, and One Fit Foodie. I love these ladies because I feel like I have 3 personal trainers. Between them I have a new weight workout every few days.

1. I was thinking today that it's funny that I started this blog all pumped about running an ultra marathon and then stopped running. But this blog is about so much more to me than just running. I have had blogs before but each had a clear theme: food blog, baby blog, but this one, this is my blog. It's about ALL things I'm ULTRA passionate about: food, family and fitness. And although I do love running it's not all that I am, just something I love to do.

2. Jogging stroller is fixed! That means that when Little Man wakes up we can head out on a quick 4 miler. So looking forward to it.

3. Made a super tasty and not in the least bit healthy white lasagna with asparagus last night. No boil noodles. Ricotta and grated parmesan mixed w/ coconut milk to the consistency of runny yogurt. Dash of nutmeg and s&p. Caramelized onion and asparagus. Mozzarella. Layer 3 times topping with noodles, ricotta and cheese then cover with foil. Bake 30 mins 350, remove foil bake another 10 mins. Perfection.

4. Little man learned to jump today, not quite getting air yet, but pretty darn cute.

5. I think it's time to set some simple fitness goals for myself. Maybe just 1 thing monthly that I can stick to. Obviously, run every day won't be on there, but maybe something attainable like up my ab workout to 7 minutes. I may add a weight loss goal in there as well. Stay tuned.

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