Friday, September 16, 2011

Catch up

Exercise: Nada so far. Planned 6 mile out and back with a stop at Music man's studio for a lunch drop off and a stop at the park for Little Man.

I finally feel like I have a second to breathe. This week has been a little busier than I enjoy. I get overwhelmed really quick so when I have to plan multiple events around nap times and all our other activities I tend to get worked up. But all is well thus far.

I've had 2 nights out this week with the help from babysitters for Little Man. It was stressful to get the outings planned and actually get there (that's how life is with a toddler) but once out, both evenings were really fun. I attended my first Moms Night Out which was a blast. It is so nice to get out once in a while and have an adult conversation with people who need it as much as you do. I definitely used to take going out at night for granted.

Last night we had a business dinner sorta thingy. There wasn't much business discussed for once; usually there is always gear talk and all the girls just sigh and roll their eyes. It was actually more of a relaxing meal. We went out with the singer Music Man is working with, Regina Spektor. She was so sweet and sent us home with her leftover steak for our pups. Well, actually, I stole it from the waiter's hands as he was taking it away. But the point is that my dogs got the dregs of a celebrity's NY strip ;) Ha!

This weekend is pretty mellow too. Music Man has to work a bit tomorrow, but then we're gonna bbq. And Sunday Music Man would normally take a long ride in preparation for his century on October 2nd but he had to cancel it to go to NY for work. I'm just glad we get to hang out with him.

Here are some photos of food and things.


My current fave: oats with berries, pb and brown sugar

Greens with black beans, corn, mixed veggies, crumbled sweet potato chips and TJ's Greek feta dressing

Spinach and sausage pizza


3 pints of strawberries from the farmers' market means I put that sh!t on everything ;)

See what I mean? strawberry wrap with triple cream brie, fig jam, walnuts, baby greens and a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette. Just a note, Little Man went crazy over this wrap

Sorry about the unappetizing photo. This is my toddler meal. oat bran encrusted chicken tenders and zucchini "fries" and mashed sweet potatoes. This meal was a total hit.


Look at that grin. You know he got me up before 6 on purpose

Overcast morning= hearty breakfast of potato, spinach, mozzarella scramble and ww toast

Playing fetch. What happens when you have dogs before children


Oats with banana and pb

WW rotini with coconut alfredo and broccoli

Afternoon tea and graham crackers and pb

Whew! All caught up. Let's hope for a more mellow September because October signals the beginning of the holiday season and 3 months of me going nuts. woo

I'll send you off with Little Man and his food love, not a pb lover like his mom.

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  1. All of that food looks so yummy and is making me hungry! I can't tell you how happy I am to be home and to eat some good home cooked meals with ingredients that I am able to read :)


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