Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 2 and a Box of Graham Crackers

Here's today's food. Nothing too special but everything was pretty tasty.

Iced coffee with vanilla coconut milk savored before anyone else was awake

Chocolate oatmeal with chia seeds and oat bran topped with peanut butter brown sugar

Weird lunch of Chobani strawberry, sweet potato chips, homemade bean dip (yum!!!) and celery with goat cheese (eww)

Tomato flat bread with the tons of tomatoes from my garden and the surplus from the csa box. Inspiration here. So very tasty. I used a similar recipe except that I made my own crust (whole wheat) and used low fat mozzarella instead of parmesan so that Little Man would enjoy it. He did. 

We ate it with steamed broccoli and super sweet strawberries

Not pictured- I ate close to half a box of graham crackers. Never a good idea to go to Trader Joe's without having a snack first. Normally I just get a sample of whatever they are serving but today's sample was god awful. A processed chicken nugget with orange marmalade, yack. Who decides that sort of thing? 

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  1. oh no! Hope you're doing ok...I pretty much almost fall flat on my face every time I do yoga so totally relate!


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