Friday, September 23, 2011

Five for Friday

1. Grey's Anatomy> Sitting at the computer. Phone blogging is awesome.

2. My lap top is not only really dead, it's really, really, really dead.

3. Exercise today was not as planned, naturally. I had wanted to do a timed mile but had a super busy morning. So instead of a race pace run I did some crazy intervals on the elliptical with one 7:30 min interval at what felt like 100 percent. I figure it was good training at least.

4. Instead of my run Little Man and I played with friends at the park for 2 hours and later went to Whole foods for a little shopping and a yummy lunch of garlic broccoli, saag paneer and mac n' cheese. Heaven.

5. So because I'm still losing weight I have thrown away all my large sizes and have a very limited wardrobe. Last week, at some point, I ripped the crotch out of one of my only pairs of jeans and had no idea until WAAAYYY later that night. Yeah, I walked around oblivious to my crotchless pants for a good 3 hours. Awesome.

Have an awesome weekend!

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