Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Exercise: 4 mile walk

Music Man is working at home the next few days which means my free time is being spent with the family instead of blogging. It's seriously so nice to see him, especially since he'll be out of town next week finishing up Regina's album. He also had 2 albums he worked on this year released yesterday, Mastodon and Switchfoot, so he's in pretty good spirits.

Yesterday was an exercise crazy day. I did a 4 mile tempo run in the morning with an average pace of 9:02 with the stroller, it felt really good too. Then in the afternoon I kinda taught a group fitness class for the moms club I belong to. I say kinda because I'm not a fitness instructor, not certified, but I'm very interested in it and have some knowledge. I'm actually thinking of getting NASM certified because I enjoyed teaching so much.

There were 4 of us moms and 4 kids including a 6 week old. We were lucky to have a sports court at one of the mom's house to utilize and I brought all my weights and we did a hardcore 40 minute class. I incorporated lots of squats, lunges, sprints and skips with upper body as well, tons of compound movements; I killed them.

But I loved it for so many more reasons than just because I got to teach. I loved having this workout with other moms because there are so many reasons that make it hard for a mom to get a work out in but we did it. We had our kids playing and running across the court. It was chaos. We got to take care of ourselves while  our kids had a blast. We didn't have to pay sitters or for an expensive class or membership. Just a few motivated moms. What could be better?

Here's yesterday's very fuzzy self portrait:

In Little Man's very messy room. And speaking of Little Man. We just got his Halloween costume. Very cute I think he is, yes?

I'll try to get Music Man to take better photos while he's around.

Have a great rest of your week.


  1. Holy exercise, mom! You rock. And I love, love, love the costume.

  2. You should definitely get certified and I think that you would do an awesome job. Perhaps you could come teach a fitness class to my group :)

  3. Heather, maybe our groups could join forces once in a while?

  4. You should absolutely get certified and I anticipate that you would do an alarming job.Fitness Trainer Ratings


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