Monday, September 5, 2011

Hiking with My Little Man

Exercise: Friday- 45 mins easy elliptical
              Saturday- 10 mile run- 9:38 avg pace
              Sunday- planned 4 mile run, jogger got another flat tire!!!! 45 mins elliptical and 10 mins strength
              Monday- 60 mins elliptical, 15 mins strength, 2 mile hike with Little Man

First off, my 10 mile run went really well besides the fact that I was exhausted. I woke up at 4 Saturday morning with Little Man, he went back to sleep but I was up for good. Four is too early to run in my neighborhood so I waited until almost 5. My only plan was to run a more comfortable pace, slower and listen to my body. I did run more comfortably and my average was only 5 seconds slower than last week. It's amazing how easy it is to run without a jogger. I also had a few miles where I was a little nervous about running in the dark after seeing rats and roaches and creepy fog and my pace sped up to 9:09 and then 9:01, but then I made an effort to chill a bit. All in all it was a pretty great run.

Little Man and I had a pretty fun holiday. It was a little warm here, mid 90's, and it was a bit too warm to play outside. I decided it was fine to relax today and not do any big outings, but if we're stuck inside then sometimes the TV goes on and stays on too long and I didn't want that. I did toy with the idea of taking Little Man to a movie, but none of us are the 'go to the movies' type. We'd rather be active. I should mention that Music Man had to work, bummer.

After a lot of contemplating what to do I decided to drive towards the coast to take Little Man somewhere we could be outside. So we went hiking. Music Man and I attempted to take Little Man hiking a few weeks ago and it was a bust. We made the mistake of putting Little man in a hiking pack and he really wanted to run around. So this time I wore my Ergo just in case and a hydration belt and just let Little Man walk on his own. It was great. The path was well defined so he followed it to a T. He had fun climbing over branches and fallen trees, being under the green canopy and throwing rocks in the creek. It was perfect.

The full hike was probably 2 miles but took us over an hour to complete. I think when music Man and I hiked before we intended to get exercise, this time I didn't and let Little Man set the pace. He walked over a mile, pretty far for a 16 month old, but eventually just stopped. We had some water and I gave him a snack but he was done walking. So I put him in the Ergo on my back and he happily hung out and enjoyed the scenery.

It's been a pretty great day, way better than I had expected.

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  1. What a great day! Looks really nice and I bet that Hunter had a great time!


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