Saturday, September 24, 2011

Massaged Kale, My New Love

Exercise: 25 mins easy elliptical

Today is my rest day for this week due to my race tomorrow. I decided to make it an active rest day because I haven't gotten a bunch of miles in this week so I don't have to worry about over-stressing myself. Also, I am one of those people that has to work out. Not so much because I think I'll get fat if I don't but because my head needs it.

When I was younger I had quite a bit of energy that I didn't know how to harness. I actually had a doctor suggest to me that I practice Sufism to become a whirling dervish so I would have a positive way to direct my energy. Crazy! I wish I had found running then, but that took a few more years. The point is that now I have to exercise daily to direct my energy in a positive way. Otherwise I can get very worked up over unimportant things. Working out is just as good for me mentally as physically.

Now I'm off to run some errands I wasn't able to get to yesterday afternoon because my car wouldn't start. This is the second time in a few months and I was so worried we'd have to think about buying a new car or ways we could be a 1 car family. But Music Man took a look at the engine and the battery had come disconnected. Weird, right? He said it probably happened last time it was in the shop. I guess we won't be going to that mechanic anymore.

I'll leave with with some delicious photos.

I had apples, pears and strawberry Fage Greek yogurt but I made ww french toast for the boys with sliced fruit on the side

Veggies from the garden for my lunch massaged kale salad 

Kale massaged with my favorite Trader Joe's balsamic vinaigrette mixed with all my sliced veggies and topped with a big dollop of hummus. Grissini on the side. 
(This was my first massaged kale salad and it will definitely not be my last. I have never been a huge fan of kale which is weird because cabbage is one of my favorite foods, second only to peanut butter. Kale chips are not my favorite, but this salad was amazing.)

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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