Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Exercise: 45 mins strength and elliptical intervals

I took my own advice for once and just fit in what exercise I could. It ended up being pretty decent. Last night was super rough and I got a grand total of 4 hours of sleep (it reminded me of those early days of motherhood except I seemed much more chipper 5 weeks postpartum) so I knew today could be equally as rough.

Luckily the Little Man is napping peacefully and his fever is way down which is good for him as well as me. That means I actually got more time to work out than expected. And I changed things up from my normal routine to make sure I could get in some strength training. I normally start with 40+ mins elliptical and then 20-25 mins strength but I mixed it up today.

*Here's the interval workout I did that got my heart pumping and sweat pouring:

5 mins-warm up on elliptical
4 mins- Elliptical Tabata
4 mins- 2 sets, 1 min each walking sumo squats with lateral raises and alternating lunges
4 mins-Tabata
4 mins- 2 sets, 1 min each uneven squat with leg raise and bent over bicep curls and a step back with toe tap
4 mins-Tabata
4 mins- 2 sets, 1 min each alternating static lunges with tricep kick back and static sumo squats with hammer curls
4 mins-Tabata
7- mins **Fitnessista Ab Burner, oblique crunches and 15 push-ups
5 mins- cool down on elliptical

*I feel like I need to say that I'm not a physician or personal trainer I just like finding new workouts and sharing them. I like to push myself but never to extreme discomfort. Work it out, but chill out if you feel any discomfort.

** I get a ton of workouts from Fitnessista, Carrots N' Cake and One Fit Foodie. I highly recommend visiting these sites for new ideas.

What's your favorite workout?

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