Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Timed Mile

Exercise: 4 mile run

Splits: 10:43, *7:34*, 9:45, 10:44

My fastest timed mile yet! The last timed mile I ran was 7:38 just prior to my 5k. This time all I hoped for was my time to be below 7:38 and I thought 7:35 was a good estimate. I know it's only a 1 second difference but I am extremely pleased by 7:34. I feel like my hard work is paying off.

My next timed mile will be in 2 weeks just before my next 5k on 9/25. To get that sub 25 5k I need to get my timed mile to 7:30. According to Jeff Galloway you can calculate your 5k pace by adding :33 to your timed mile. And an 8:03 pace will get me my coveted sub 25. I have some hard speed work in the next few weeks but I'm thinking this 5k will be mine!

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