Thursday, September 29, 2011


Exercise: 7 mi run/ no idea what pace. Around 9:30 or 9:45 avg?

Little Man and I went out for our longish run today. I had planned to just do my easy 4 mile loop because Music Man is home but he suggested I run as long as I want (makes it easier for him to work without us as distractions.) So I upped my mileage to 6 and Music man was like "Might as well make it 9." I guess he really wanted us out of the house. ;)

I am still super sore from my Tuesday double and didn't think I had 9 in me but thought I could make it to 7. So we ran 5 miles to a nice playground and Little Man played for half an hour and we ran 2 miles home. It was a perfect distance in nearly perfect weather. A great start to the day.

So here's my dilemma: Urban Running Blogger Summit and Las Vegas 1/2 or Xterra Crystal Cove Trail Run?
I think it would be so fun to go to a blogger conference just to see what it's all about and to hear a ton of bloggers I follow speak. This seems like a good one because my in-laws are in Vegas so I'd have free room and board as well as a babysitter. (If you're reading this, Cathy, don't worry, it's not set in stone ;) And the Rock n' Roll is the following day so it would make sense to make it a package deal. But the Rock n' Roll is kinda spendy and I also don't know what Music Man's schedule is and would hate to make the trip without him.

I already had the Xterra in mind as training for the 2012 Bulldog and it's super close to my parents. The trail head is actually walkable from my parents house, in fact, I've probably done it close to 100 times. But only run the trails maybe 5 times. And although this is the the obvious choice I now have the darn blogger conference in my head and am willing to give up this training run/race in order to go.

So now my running and conference attending fate is in the hands of Music Man. Let's hope he has time off so I can get to Vegas! But truthfully, I guess I'm happy either way. Either/Or.

And here's today's pic:

Please remind me to stay away from stripes next time ;)

Have a happy Friday!


  1. What are you talking about!!?? Stripes look great on you!!

    I vote Vegas....but then again my fam lives in Vegas so I'm biased....

    Get Up & Go

  2. Thanks Sarah! I'm leaning towards Vegas too ;)


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