Monday, September 26, 2011

It Could Happen to You

Exercise: 45 mins elliptical intervals, speed and resistance. 20 mins strength

5k recap: Not much to say. It was the inaugural Peace Walk and Run so it was a little disorganized. It was fairly small so I was hoping to get a medal but a girl passed me at the very end, and just my luck, she got the 3rd place medal. Oh well, 4th isn't too bad. Especially since my 5k time was relatively slow at 25:40/ 8:16 avg pace. I also think the course was a little short but my gps didn't work so I think my pace might have been closer to 8:20. But it's still a win in my mind since it's only been in the last year that I've run sub 10 min/miles. Color me happy.

The last few days have been a bit annoying. Starting Friday my car decided not to start because the battery came unplugged. I suspect foul play ;) It's just so weird. Then Saturday I was up all night with Little Man before the 5k which probably isn't the reason for my slow time but a good excuse none the less. And then this morning I woke up to Little Man giggling, then making knocking sounds, then crying. I went into his room and he was standing in his crib totally naked and the bed was covered with pee and... I've heard of this type of thing occurring but honestly, never thought it could happen to me. So beware moms and moms-to be, your kid might do this. In general, around 15 months, your child is up to no good and I think this lasts for a good year and a half. Yay. ;)

Now on to less disgusting things. Lots of yummy food has been eaten since Music Man was home for a few meals this weekend.

I promise the steak wasn't that grey, oh well. tasted great with the beet salad and twice baked potatoes.

Sunday spinach cheese omelet with toast and orange slices

Leftover steak and massaged kale and all the veggies I could find, topped with goat cheese

Getting ready to dig into my pulled pork sandwiches 
Yes sandwichES!!!

Carolina bbq pulled pork topped with coleslaw and corn on the side
Best. BBQ. Ever

And because 2 sandwiches is never enough, dinner 2
Our Vietnamese neighbors brought over shrimp and scallion crepes. So Awesome!
Unfortunately we had no belly room left for them but so rad anyways

Breakfast for the little monkey

Pulled pork salad, I love you

BBQ tofu quesadilla w/ spinach and beet salad. 
Wasn't sure about this meal but it was a huge win for just under 500 cals

So I finished my 21 days and photographed a huge amount of my food, but didn't lose much weight. I've been exercising and eating a pretty well rounded diet so I'm thinking I may be at my happy weight? In a perfect world I'd be skinnier but I'm healthy and this weight seems maintainable, but we'll see. So I'm going to finish my 21+ days, til my vacation starts, October 27th with a photo of myself a day. The pic of me eating will be today's photo but I'll try to do standing ones from here on out to see if we notice any progress. I'm doing great with my exercise routine so I just need to focus on my eating, which is the hard part for me. Hello 2 sandwiches!

Have a great week!

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