Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello New Hotness

Exercise: 4 mile run-9:30 avg pace

I gots me a new jogger... Hello New Hotness

Goodbye old and busted

I loved my old jogger but apparently plastic wheels MELT. It wasn't like an oozing melt but the wheels warped so the tires no longer fit and made all the wheels wobble. No bueno. Also, the front wheel unlocks so it has a slight wobble as well. But all in all, this jogger probably ran and walked close to 1500 miles. That's like 5 pairs of shoes. And you know good running shoes can cost you a $100 a pair, so 1500 miles on $119 stroller is pretty awesome. Also this stroller has all the bells and whistles intact like a movable canopy, 2 cup holders, an ipod jack, huge under carriage basket and child drink and snack tray. Even with the wheel issue I highly recommend this stroller.

I am already loving my new jogger though. It has no wheel resistance which makes pushing 40 pounds easy peasy. It didn't come with cup holders but Music Man installed a bike bottle cage and I will probably install another. The only thing I really missed was the child snack tray but I'll figure out how to hack that eventually.

I took the new jogger out for the first time Sunday. I'm used to having the top cup holders and I use one for my water and one for my phone. Since this jogger only has one bottle holder I used it for my water and stowed my phone in the storage basket. The only problem with this is that I use my phone instead of a Garmin, so I couldn't check my pace. I knew this beforehand and decided that I would just do my 6 mile run at a comfortably hard pace. I was getting a great cardio workout, feeling my heart pound, but could talk and enjoy the run. I loved not paying attention to my pace. I did worry that I wasn't going fast enough but I relied completely on the way I felt. And guess what? My average pace was 9:15!!! 9:15 with a jogger, not tracking my pace, running comfortably! What a difference a stroller makes.

I have been photographing my meals but have had a crazy last few days. So here are a few pics and I'll start fresh tomorrow.
Oatmeal with chia seeds, peanut butter, strawberries and brown sugar. Tasted like a pb&j. yum!

Baby Greens with brown rice, madras lentils and home grown tomatoes

Steak, broccoli and penne inspired by Gourmet Runner

I have many more weekend photos I'll post tomorrow but Music Man needs to borrow the lap top and I don't want to switch to another computer soooo...

Night Night


  1. Hey what jogger is that? I looked at a second hand one the other day that looks almost the same and I decided not to get it because the front wheel doesn't swivel and wanted to ask you if you felt that that was necessary?

  2. The stroller is the Giant Prerunner LX. I actually bought my first stroller because the wheel swivelled but I always had it locked, even when walking. A lot of wheels that swivel will start to shake if you walk any faster than a stroll which is super annoying. If you plan to use your jogging stroller as your only stroller you might want to check out a BOB. So to make a long story longer, I would say locked wheel is better.

    BTW, I can't wait to try some of your raw recipes!


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