Sunday, September 18, 2011

Piecemeal Run

Exercise: 4 mile run 9:22 pace, 2 mile jog 11:30 pace, 1 mile walk 17:25 pace

I knew I wanted to get at least 6 miles in but because I had grumpy Little Man in the jogger I had to break up the run a bit. The first 4 miles I ran a comfortably hard pace around our lake to a play ground and we stopped for about 30 minutes so Little Man could burn some energy. Then I got him back in the stroller and we jogged another mile and a half to the farmers market on a slightly flat wheel. But Little Man got tons of samples of strawberries, orange slices, plums and even fresh peach juice. I decided to walk/jog home since my wheel was getting flatter by the second. Then we swapped strollers and took the pups for a quick walk. Overall I was pretty happy with my run as it was a beautiful day and I got a ton accomplished. Sweet morning.

Here's some eats:

MMMMM Bacon! with some eggs and toast

BACON part II. BLT on marbled rye with heirloom tomatoes and baby greens. The most delectable strawberries ever! 

Plum cake prior to baking: gluten free cake mix with apple sauce instead of butter with a pinwheel of super ripe sliced plums

And after: topped with cinnamon and sugar 10 minutes before removing from the oven

Sunday burger with fry duo


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